dbWatch products

dbWatch is a total database administration solution, helping enterprises monitor and manage any number of SQLServerOracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase or MySQL database servers efficiently. 


dbWatch will give you total control over all aspects of operation, performance, analytics and resource usage. With dbWatch you will have the total overview you need in order to maximize efficiency and minimize the resources you spend on operating all of your database servers.


For a full description of all dbWatch features look here or download the full dbWatch Enterprise server paper. You can find dbWatch videos here.


See our product feature sets below, to find the solution that best fits your needs:

Feature dbWatch Essentials dbWatch Professional dbWatch Enterprise
Cross platform database monitoring of all your database instances in single, customizable view
Cross platform management, manage all your database instances from one view, fully customizable
Basic reports (backup, uptime, health check)
Basic set of reports for backup, uptime and healthcheck of the database
IDE for developing alerts & reporting
Integrated development tool for creating your own monitoring alerts and reports
SMS and email extensions
Using dbWatch SMS gateway service
3rd party extension -
3rd party integration for systems such as Microsoft SCOM, IBM Tivoli etc
Enterprise performance views package -
Special dashboards that give an unique site overview of the performance, capacity and maintenance
Web dashboard -
Webserver with dashboards that can be tailord to customer needs
Maintenance automation -
Jobs for tuning and maintenance such as index management, backup and autotuning
SQL Server and Oracle license management & control -
Monitoring and reports for keeping control of database license usage
Multi-site support - -
Support multiple dbWatch Servers in different environments or sites
Database Cluster support - -
AlwaysOn, RAC cluster, Dataguard and other cluster technologies
Security package - -
Active directory integration, dbWatch DBA audit, Kerberos support, SSL certificate based tunneling
Database autodiscover - -
Autoscanning the networks for new databases
Advanced reports - -
Custom reports for higher level management
CLI scripting engine - -
Script engine for integration and automation
Excel integration package - -
Delivering cross database and cross platform data for easy Excell reporting and trending
Managed Service provider extensions - - Option
Customer based separation in dashboards, reporting, monitoring, security and management
Consolidation package - - Option
Monitoring and reporting for easy and continous consolidation
Advanced security package - - Option
Active directory integration, dbWatch DBA audit, Kerberos support, SSL certificate based tunneling
Best practices for Agresso - Option Option
Monitoring, reporting and management tailored specifically for Unit4 Agresso ERP solution
Best practices for Microsoft Dynamics - Option Option
Monitoring, reporting and management tailored specifically for Microsoft Dynamix CRM
Secure connect - Option Option
Secure communication between DBA or consultants to databases across the internet
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Right-to-use (RTU Licenses)

All dbWatch products are licensed on a 12-month Right-to-Use (RTU license. All RTU licenses include free support, maintenance and upgrades in the license period.

dbWatch licenses are based on the number of instances you need. Licenses start at USD $3,190 for 10 instances of dbWatch Essentials.

  • Licensed per instance
  • 12 months license including support, maintenance and upgrades
  • automatic renewal (unless cancelled in advance)
  • Unlimited number of users
  • No restrictions on cores or CPU
  • License can be used on any mix of  MS SQL Server, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, mySQL or MariaDB

Supported platforms 

Database platforms and versions

  • MS SQL Server  2000, 2005, 2008, 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2019
  • Microsoft AlwaysOn
  • Azure SQL instances
  • PostgreSQL 8.2 through 11
  • Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g, 12c, 18
  • Oracle RAC
  • Oracle DataGuard
  • Sybase 12 through 15
  • MySQL 5.0 and later
  • MariaDB
  • Support on-premises, off-premises, AWS, Azure and other clouds

We seek to always add support for new versions of these platforms within 3-6 months from stable release



HArdware requirements

This is the list of recommended minimum hardware requirements for best performance.


dbWatch Server

  • Windows, Apple OSX or Linux Server on I386 (VMWare virtual server supported)
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 1 GB HD Space
  • Installs in under 15 minutes

dbWatch Engine (per instance)

  • 500 Mb free space in each database instance
  • Bulk install for large database environments
  • SA, SYS or other superuser password required for each engine installation
  • Installs in under 2 minutes per instance

dbWatch Client

  • Windows, Apple OSX or Linux operating system for use with graphical interface
  • 2Gb Memory
  • 500 Mb hard drive space
  • Java support
  • Client - Server communication requires single port only