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Video resources

Here are a selection of videos for dbWatch, showing how to install and use the full Enterprise monitoring and management features in dbWatch.



dbWatch 12 Overview
A quick look at the latest dbWatch Enterprise Manager - monitoring and management of any number of SQL Server, Oracle and other database servers in a unified workflow.

Get started with dbWatch


In this web series users will learn more about basic navigation and configuration to get started with dbWatch 12. 



  • Configuration and Installation
  • Adding database servers
  • Basic monitoring
  • Customize monitoring using tasks
  • Managing different database instance
  • Monitor query sessions
  • Reports creation
  • Working with SQL Worksheet

Episode 1

dbWatch Episode 1 May 21, 2019-1


Episode 2A

dbWatch Episode 2A May 29, 2019


Episode 2B

dbWatch Episode 2B June 7 2019



Episode 3

dbWatch Episode 3 May 29 2019-1




Episode 4

dbWatch Episode 4 June 28 2019


Episode 5 

dbWatch Episode 5 June 27 2019


Episode 6

dbWatch Episode 6 July 5 2019

Episode 7

dbWatch Episode 7 July 23 2019

Using dbWatch

The following tutorials show different aspects of dbWatch usage:


dbWatch Masterclass:





Customizing the error log alert:


MS SQL Server performance test

This video shows how to run the performance tests on an MS SQL Server instance


For more tutorials, check out our youtube channel dbWatch AS

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Product information

Release 12:
dbWatch Installation guide
dbWatch v12 product information