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Scalable Database Monitoring and Management


Tools for large database server farms

There are a lot of tools than can help you manage a few instances of OracleMS SQL ServerAzureSybasePostgres or MySQL. But when you have a couple of hundred instances, or maybe even a few thousand instances spread over multiple sites and possibly also in various clouds like Azure or AWS you run into a whole new set of issues and requirements that you must address. 

In dbWatch we have been providing large service providers, hospital groups, military, retail and other large and demanding enterprises with database monitoring solutions for over ten years.  Our dbWatch Enterprise Solution is fully capable of meeting the most demanding requirements for large scale operations and have a number of features for managing the large number of instances we encounter:

  • Performance: Whether you monitor ten or a thousand instances you need the same fast response. Also, there is no performance degradation on the network or central repository. (Hint: we use a distributed repository and server architecture to minimise load and performance issues)
  • Manage 1000's of instances with ease: dbWatch has dashboards that will always let you have instant overview over all your instances, regardless of the number or platform. You will always have full situational awareness.
  • Built for large and complex environments: A distributed dbwatch server architecture lets you distribute load over multiple dbWatch servers, or put the dbWatch servers behind firewalls or in different sites. This will distribute load, reduce complexity with segmented and firewalled networks in a manner totally transparent from the monitoring station and DBAs. 
  • Global views: With really large estates you need views and tools that lets you have global overviews of all your instances. Then you can sort the lists to quickly see where  the biggest loads, the most disk or memory usage, biggest lock or waits issues or any other parameter. You need - and get - the flexibility to analyse your entire estate in any way you need to get to the information you need.
  • Group, sort, tag: When you are dealing with hundreds or thousands of instances you need to organize them in a flexible way. With dbWatch you can make arbitrary groups, like Development/Test/Operations, or Sales/Production/Finance, or location, or platform - the choice is yours. Further, you can tag any instance with your own properties and make arbitrary groups based on those. Whichever way you want it, with dbWatch you can organize your instances the way you want it. Flexible and powerful.
  • Role-based access controls: If you have a large estate, perhaps in multiple locations and timezones, you want to control access. With dbWatch you can create role-based access and give different roles controlled access to different parts of your estate. A flexible and powerful access control scheme supporting Active Directory, Kerberos and certificates/encrypted conections makes this easy to set up and maintain.

dbWatch Features


  • Monitor all instances in a single view: Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, Postgres and MySQL. Any mix of versions and platforms can be gathered in a single view for fast, efficient monitoring. dbWatch supports standard, enterprise and cluster configurations equally well.
  • Monitor performance, uptime, backup, load, connections, disk space, growth rates, table scans, logical reads, cache hit ratios, SQL statements and other critical info.
  • Drill down from monitor overview to check admin issues in more detail with single click – all within the dbWatch tool.
  • dbWatch can match your preferences – sort, group, filter and give names to servers and groups to adjust what you view.
  • Automate all monitoring and routine maintenance tasks.
  • Create custom dashboards and reports for performance monitoring.


  • Full capabilities to manage all database instances.
  • Go direct into administration mode from monitoring. No need to switch tools.
  • Manage all platforms from one unified view. No need for multiple tools.
  • Analyse performance, resource usage, load and growth rates.
  • Create custom dashboards.
  • Perform full system health checks and reporting.
  • Automate admin maintenance tasks.
  • Bulk import or automatic scanning of subnetworks for new servers to include.


  • Full overview of all resources, including hardware, operating systems and database server licences.
  • Full Oracle licence reporting allows you to prepare for and prevent licence audit surprises, and evaluate your usage.
  • Complete statistics for all instances.
  • Support for server consolidation through detailed reports and views.


  • Perform SQL queries on any server.
  • Perform queries across all servers or on a selection.
  • Works across all database platforms.


  • dbWatch provides a complete platform for customisation and extension.
  • All supplied tasks and procedures are written in native database language and supplied in source form.
  • Customize or create new tasks and procedures in our Integrated Development Environment.
  • Full version control and handling across upgrades.
  • Easy to deploy on single, multiple or all servers with one click.


  • Supports Active Directory and Kerberos.
  • Supports encrypted connections and certificates.
  • Allows role-based access profiles and fine-grained control over privileges.
  • dbWatch’s security makes it suitable for finance, defence, police, government and healthcare sectors.