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Database Monitoring

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Monitor and manage your entire database farm

Database monitoring is changing. Monitoring each instance is still an important part of the job, but you also need to manage the entire server farm.

dbWatch gives you the tools to manage the farm as well as monitoring and managing each instance.

dbWatch Monitoring
dbWatch monitoring


Monitor all your instances in a single global view, so you can get that helicopter overview and insight to your entire server farm

Drill down into single instances for analysis and deeper understanding. Manage the instance directly for instant problem resolution, no longer need to switch to other consoles.

Rich variety of reports where you can report on health status of single instance or consolidater reports of all or parts of you server farm.

Cross platform

Monitor instances on all platforms in single view. dbWatch supports Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Postgres, MariaDB and MySQL.

Full support for AlwaysOn and RAC clustering.

On-premise, hybrid or cloud like Azure SQL support.

dbWatch Monitoring
dbWatch monitoring

Scale out

dbWatch scales easily from a handful of instances to the largest farms with thousands of instances

Unique scalable architecture ensures maximum performance with minimum impact on network or servers

Full multi-site, multi-network and cloud support to match even the most demanding enterprise networks

Manage SQL Servers directly

You can manage your SQL Server or Oracle instance directly from within dbWatch, greatly improving your workflow and productivity

No longer need to switch between tools for daily maintenance and operations

dbWatch Monitoring
dbWatch monitoring

Enterprise ready

dbWatch has been managing large enterprise database server farms since 2003

Chosen by large enterprise, managed service providers, government hospitals, police, global retailers, and financial institutions to monitor highly complex, demanding database farms.

Robust scalability and security features to support stringent enterprise requirements.

Fast, Flexible and Customizable

Fast and easy installation and deployment.

Flexible configuration - supports multiple locations, hybrid cloud and multiple platforms and versions in single views.

Fully customizable dashboards, views, reports and tasks.

Easy to add your own tasks and reports to improve productivity.

dbWatch Monitoring
dbWatch monitoring

“dbWatch helps us manage our growing database farm. It is flexible, easy to adapt and customize, and matches the dynamic nature of our operations”

Dan Westby
Head of IT Operations
Sector Alarm

Fast ROI

dbWatch is fast to deploy so you will quickly start reaping benefits like higher productivity, better overview and more control.

dbWatch requires no capital investment, license is per year and includes all support, maintenance and upgrades.

Attractive volume pricing

Licensing per instance. Inquire for pricing, terms and conditions

dbWatch Monitoring
dbWatch monitoring

Support and training

Individual support via email, chat or conferencing for enterprise customers is included

Support personell is all highly qualified Database Administrators. Speak directly to competent and qualified personell who will help you.

Full training available on-site or on-line.