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Database monitoring and management solution

dbWatch is the perfect solution for efficient management and monitoring of Oracle and SQLServer databases. dbWatch will automate and simplify all your routine tasks while keeping total control of system status, performance and resource usage. dbWatch will save you time and money.

Global optimisations and management
Global optimization and management. One solution for all database instances gives you total overview and lets you optimize the whole databases environment. You are no longer limited to “silo views”  of individual databases.
Gap analysisGap analysis. With global overview and analysis tools you can more easily see the gap between what you have and what is the optimal configuration. This creates a perfect overview for consolidating database servers and optimizing resource usage.
License control
License control for Oracle and MS SQLServer. Never get caught in a license audit again, get full and detailed reports on actual licensing and features used. For MS SQLServer and Oracle, make sure you have the optimal licensing level and are not paying for Enterprise features and options you do not need.