dbWatch Control Center

Increase productivity and efficency with cost-effective database monitoring and management from dbWatch

Scalable, powerful and cross-platform

Monitor and Manage  Platforms in a Single Solution:

SQLServer, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Sybase, and MariaDB


Complete SQL Monitoring and Management

Managing databases means more than just monitoring. It’s about managing performance, availability, optimizing resources, reporting, planning, security, status, and uptime monitoring.

dbWatch Control Center integrates all aspects of database management into one solution and automates routine maintenance tasks. Scalable and flexible for demanding enterprise environments

Multi-Platform Monitoring

dbWatch Control Center provides In-depth monitoring of SQL Server, Azure, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, MariaDB, and MySQL database instances in a single, integrated solution.

Scale to match the Enterprise

Scale to monitor enterprise or service provider database estates of any size, from a handful to thousands of instances. dbWatch Control Center has all the tools you need for efficient, proactive cost-saving database management.​

Cloud, Virtual or Physical​

dbWatch Control Center will manage your server anywhere. Ideal for Large enterprises, service providers, hospitals, and demanding environments. Cross-platform, multi-site, and hybrid on-premise and cloud fully supported.​

DBA Productivity

Enable your DBAs:  Enhanced proactive monitoring and management, improved risk management, and control resource usage while achieving extreme DBA productivity.

dbWatch Control Center saves you money in three ways:

    1. Automates routine monitoring jobs.
    2. Optimizes global resource usage across your database farm.
    3. A single solution for monitoring, managing, and reporting saves you tool, training, and license cost.

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Database Farm Management and Monitoring Solution

Stay in control

Passive monitoring of your database servers isn’t good enough today. You need to take charge of managing and controlling your servers actively. You are responsible for the most critical data in your or your customer’s organization.

With dbWatch Control Center (CC) in your software toolkit, you can manage it more securely and professionally. It minimizes the risks to your system’s stability while automating routine tasks to save you time.

Try CC for yourself – contact us for a free trial license and start your test drive now.

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Operational Efficiency

Daily database operations can be tedious and time-consuming. With dbWatch Control Center, you minimize the time and effort spent on daily routine chores, monitoring, and maintenance.

In addition, you can directly manage instances from dbWatch. So in one cost-effective solution, you can monitor, manage, and report all your SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and MariaDB instances. Fully customizable and will scale out to any size environment.

With dbWatch Control Center, you can manage the most demanding and challenging database environments, such as global enterprises, large healthcare organizations, police, military, banking, retail, and managed service providers (MSP). 

Fast deployment​

A complete multi-platform monitoring and management solution​

Monitor, manage, analyse and optimise resources

Automate processes and tasks​

Reduce tool cost and complexity​

dbWatch Control Center Free Trial

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