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Database Monitoring and Management

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dbWatch Monitoring

All most popular platforms

SQL Server Azure Sybase Oracle PostgreSQL MySQL

Complete SQL Monitoring and Management

Managing databases means more than just monitoring. It's about managing performance, availability, optimising resources, reporting, planning, security, status and uptime monitoring.

dbWatch integrates all aspects of database management into one solution, automates routine maintenance tasks. Scalable and flexible for demanding enterprise environments

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Multi-Platform Monitoring

In-depth monitoring of SQL Server, Azure, Oracle, PostgreSQL, Sybase, MariaDB and MySQL database instances.

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Scale to match the Enterprise

Scale to monitor the largest enterprise or service provider database server estates, from a handful to thousands of instances. All the tools you need for efficient, pro-active cost-saving database management.

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Cloud, Virtual or Physical

dbWatch will manage your server anywhere. Ideal for service providers, hospitals and demanding environments. Cross-platform, multi-site and hybrid on-premise and cloud fully supported.

DBA Productivity

Enable DBA and increase productivity. Proactive monitoring, management Manage risks and resource usage while achieving extreme DBA productivity.

dbWatch saves you money in three ways:

Automate routine monitoring Optimize global resource usage Single solution for monitoring, managing and reporting

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Stay in control

Passive monitoring of your database servers simply isn't good enough today. You need to actively take charge to manage and control your servers. You are responsible for the most critical data in your or your customers organisation, and with dbWatch in your software toolkit, you can manage it in a more secure, professional way. It minimises the risks to your system's stability while automating routine tasks to save you time. Try dbWatch for yourself – contact us for a free trial licence and start your test drive now.

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dbWatch monitoring
dbWatch monitoring


To develop and deliver the best possible solutions for complete and total database management of SQL Server, Oracle, Postgresql, Sybase and mySQL. We deliver productivity solutions that scales exceptionally well and provides the most cost-efficient, secure, professional and comprehensive solutions required by database administrators and IT operations managers

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