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Being a DBA is challenging at the best of times. As the number of database instances keeps growing and new platforms keep appearing, your job is not getting any easier. Maintaining performance and availability is your principal responsibility, and the job is not getting any easier. You can use all the help you can get to stay on top of the task.

dbWatch is designed from the bottom up to be a secure, scalable multi-platform database monitoring and management platform for demanding environments. Whether you have ten or a thousand instances, you will find a dbWatch solution that will let you manage performance, monitor resources, and provide you with a complete overview of your installations, a deeper insight into the performance and health of each instance, giving you more control with a dramatically reduced effort.

Whether you run SQL Server only or have a mix of many platforms, you will find that dbWatch gives you the perfect all-in-one tool you need to be effective. With overview and analytics, you will see the entire situation across all instances, see where your attention is most required, and can directly manage any instance. No need for many tools and windows – in dbWatch, you can do it all in the same user interface.

If you have special requirements or want to do things “your way,” with dbWatch, you can modify or extend any task, procedure, or report to suit your specific needs. It’s the most powerful, complete, flexible, and affordable database management platform today.

Multi-platform, agent-less support. No need for multiple tools for separate platforms. dbWatch supports all versions of Oracle, MS SQL Server, Postgres, Sybase, MariaDB, and MySQL, including advanced options like RAC and Data Guard. Manage all of your servers in a single solution.

Scalability. Whether you have tens, hundreds, or thousands of instances, dbWatch will deliver. Its unique, scalable architecture offers a complete platform for customization and extension. With fast deployment and a small resource footprint, it all adds up to the most flexible database manager on the market.

Monitor MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres & Sybase
Customizable Dashboard
Database Farm Management
Multi-site and Hybrid Cloud Support
Complete Workflow Solution (Monitor, analyze, manage instance & advanced reporting)
Scalability and Security
Automate Monitoring and Maintenance

Customize any procedure, task, or report to suit your specific needs. Source included. An inbuilt development environment to manage versions, deployment, and upgrades. Command line interface (CLI) included.

Manage security. Role-based access control, certificates, encryption, Active Directory, and Kerberos are all standard features in dbWatch.

Connect to Nimsoft, Openview or any other infrastructure management platform through built-in connectors.

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