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dbWatch was founded in 2001 by leading database experts in Oslo, Norway.

From the beginning, we have developed and delivered our database management solution to customers in Scandinavia, Europe and North America. Combining programming expertise and DBA knowledge has allowed us to create a complete optimal solution for any enterprise.


We make the most elegant and efficient solutions for managing large numbers of database servers for enterprises and service providers. We shall give our customers the solutions they need to manage, in a professional, pro-active manner, the largest numbers of complex database servers in a changing and demanding business landscape.


To develop and deliver the best possible solutions for complete and total database management of Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase and Postgres. We deliver solutions that scales exceptionally well and provides the most cost-efficient, secure, professional and comprehensive solutions required by database administrators and IT operations managers

Our customers

Our customers include global retailers, hospital groups, government agencies and IT service providers - all with different needs and requirements based on security, scalability, flexibility, efficiency and costs.