Managing SQL Server Farms


Imagine transitioning from managing a small family farm to overseeing an extensive industrial farm. That considerable change is similar to what a DBA managing a SQL Server experiences.


In this webinar, DBA Fundamentals virtual group in PASS, Per Christopher explores the journey from managing a handful of SQL servers to operating vast database server farms. Per draws parallels between agricultural farm management and SQL Server farm management.

As a Senior DBA with over 15 years of experience at dbWatch AS, a Norwegian software company specializing in database operations solutions, Per Christopher shares invaluable lessons on upgrading your mindset and toolset as your farm grows.

“Most DBAs are cowboys, but there is much to learn from the world of cow herding and dairy farms that can help us manage SQL Server instances better. SQL Server farms are the future of large-scale database management, and we will teach you the ropes. Introducing the FarmQueryLanguage brings another dimension of control to large-scale management. Managing large database farms requires a different mindset and tools compared to having only a few instances.”

Learn How to Manage SQL Server Farms

Webinar highlighs include: an in-depth discussion of the new challenges that managing a large farm brings, from how you think (see the forest, not just the trees) and how you change your focus from instance-centric performance and health to farm-centric resource management.


Watch the webinar to understand how to better manage SQL Server farms.

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