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dbWatch Enterprise Manager


Monitoring with dbWatch Enterprise Manager

Capacity, status and performance monitoring

  • Monitor CPU, disk and memory usage
  • Analyse performance and disk growth rate
  • Top level view of database farm

In this episode you will learn the basics on how to monitor your cpu, memory usage and various charts that will help you stay on top of your database farm with the help of dbWatch.



Monitoring active query sessions

In this episode you will learn how you can track different query sessions running on your database instances.




Managing database instances

Database Management

  • Full overview of all hardware resource 
  • Management of database performance reports
  • Management of tasks and alerts
  • Able to manage jobs on the management module


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See for yourself:

  • Pro-active monitor all your instances
  • Drill-down performance analysis
  • Automate routine tasks
  • Extensive reporting

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