Database Monitoring and Management from dbWatch

dbWatch Control Center Benefits

We know how difficult it can be to manage every aspect of your database operations, resources and performance levels – especially if you run multiple platforms, such as OracleMS SQL Server,  SybasePostgres, MongoDB, or MySQL. With dbWatch Control Center, you get complete control, boosting efficiency and cutting costs.


  • Complete overview and control: dbWatch is the number one tool to give you full control over your database instances and resources.
  • Manage hundreds of instances easily: dbWatch Control Center enables database administrators to handle many instances quickly and without a fuss. It’s fully scalable – built to grow as your needs increase. With its automated monitoring and straightforward interface, dbWatch will dramatically improve your efficiency.
  • Built for complex and demanding environments: With its unique features aimed at managing large database farms, dbWatch Control Center is ideal for managed service providers and larger enterprises with high-level requirements. But dbWatch Control Center works for everyone, regardless of size, and for most popular platforms.
  • Save time: dbWatch comes in one complete package and deploys quickly. It has a small footprint and low hardware resource requirements, so you can be up and running without delay and get rapid results.

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dbWatch Features


  • Monitor all instances in a single view: Oracle, MS SQL Server, Sybase, Postgres, MongoDB, and MySQL. Any mix of versions and platforms can be gathered in a single view for fast, efficient monitoring. dbWatch supports standard, enterprise, and cluster configurations equally well.
  • Monitor performance, uptime, backup, load, connections, disk space, growth rates, table scans, logical reads, cache hit ratios, SQL statements, and other critical info.
  • Drill down from the monitor overview to check admin issues in more detail with a single click – all within the dbWatch Control Center.
  • dbWatch can match your preferences – sort, group, filter, and give names to servers and groups to adjust what you view.
  • Automate all monitoring and routine maintenance tasks.
  • Create custom dashboards and reports for performance monitoring.


  • Full capabilities to manage all database instances.
  • Go direct into administration mode from monitoring. No need to switch tools.
  • Manage all platforms from one unified view. No need for multiple tools.
  • Analyze performance, resource usage, load, and growth rates.
  • Create custom dashboards.
  • Perform complete system health checks and reporting.
  • Automate admin maintenance tasks.
  • Bulk import or automatic scanning of subnetworks for new servers to include.


  • A complete overview of all resources, including hardware and database server licenses.
  • Complete statistics for all instances.


  • Perform SQL queries on any server.
  • Perform queries across all servers or on a selection.
  • Works across all database platforms.


  • dbWatch provides a complete platform for customization and extension.
  • All supplied tasks and procedures are written in the native database language and provided in source form.
  • Customize or create new tasks and procedures in our Integrated Development Environment.
  • Complete version control and handling across upgrades.
  • Easy to deploy on single, multiple, or all servers with one click.


  • Supports Active Directory and Kerberos.
  • Supports encrypted connections and certificates.
  • Allows role-based access profiles and fine-grained control over privileges.
  • dbWatch Control Center’s security suits finance, defense, police, government, and healthcare sectors.