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MonitorING and ManageMENT for  SQL Server and Oracle

dbWatch is a complete and scalable database administration solution, helping enterprises monitor and manage any number of MS SQL Server or Oracle database servers efficiently. dbWatch also supports Azure, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL and Sybase. dbWatch will give you total control over all aspects of operation, performance, analytics and resource usage. With dbWatch you will have the total overview you need in order to maximize efficiency and minimize the resources you spend on operating all of your database servers:

  • Monitor status, health, load and complexity on all database instances
  • Drill down for health and performance analysis
  • Analyse resource usage and load history
  • Manage Oracle and SQLServer license usage so you only pay for what you really need 
  • Get detailed reporting on all servers, software, hardware and utilisation
  • Analyse and plan server consolidation
  • Automate tasks and preventive-maintenance procedures
  • Agent-less for fast and trouble free installation and operation
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Use dbWatch to consolidate servers, optimise hardware requirements, minimise costly database server licenses and reduce the routine workload on your database administrators. No other single solution gives you all the information and tools you need to run a lean and efficient database environment.


Stay in total control of your database environment by using dbWatch to monitor, manage and report. Automation of monitoring and alerts saves you time and money. Extensive and detailed reports and health checks keep you informed and prepared. Take advantage of real-time monitoring of performance and resource usage... go from reactive to pro-active with dbWatch.

For full product details see dbWatch product specification and licensing


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Customize any procedure, task or report to suit your specific needs. Source included. An inbuilt development environment to manage versions, deployment and upgrades. Full command line interface (CLI) included.

Manage security

Manage security. Role based access control, certificates, encryption, Active Directory and Kerberos are all standard features in dbWatch.

Connect to Nimsoft

Connect to Nimsoft, Openview or any other infrastructure management platform through built-in connectors.


Built for cross platform  Simple, cross platform

Monitor, manage or report on any version of Oracle, QLServer, PostgreSQL, Sybase and MySQL in unified interface. One solution for all your DBMS management needs.

Built to scale  Scalable

dbWatch will scale to hundreds of instances or more. Unique, robust, distributed scalable architecture.

Productivity  Increase Productivity

Maximise DBA productivity. Automate monitoring and maintenance operations of all instances. Simple, common UI interfaces across platforms and versions. Customizable dashboards, tasks and reports helps you implement efficient workflows.

All-in-one solution saves money  Increase efficiency

dbWatch can replace all of your existing tools with one solution for all your management, monitoring and reporting needs. It is simpler, less costly and eliminates the need to jump from tool to tool.

Advanced reporting  Advanced reporting

Standard reports, tasks and procedures are included. report on single instance or consolidated reports across entire server estate. Customize your own custom reports. Oracle and SQLServer license reporting on full license usage with analysis and audit help you control and optimise license costs.

Global view of all your instances  Complete view of all your instances

View total system status of entire estate at a glance. Never lose track of any issues, alarms or warnings that need attention.


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You find the complete set of dbWatch product documentation in our dbWatch product wiki or on the support pages.

If you need help with licensing, pricing, quotes or anything else you can contact sales.

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