3 Ways Tools can Streamline Your Database Maintenance Procedures


Database management and monitoring tools are a great solution for streamlining the way your DBAs work. With the potential to save time, make workflows more efficient, and save your company money, these tools can change the way that IT teams work, providing access to greater automation and oversight of a business’s infrastructure.

Many large organisations around the world already make use of tools like these to help with managing and maintaining their servers, and here we’ll explore three ways that they can help your team too:

Automated Maintenance

Automation is one of the best ways to streamline database maintenance, saving staff time, cutting your costs and giving DBAs the ability to focus on other important tasks.

Many tools designed for large and scalable database servers provide the ability to automate maintenance and a host of other tasks too. From automatic backups and updates to routine report production and real-time alerts, these tools can handle the small tasks that would otherwise take up a DBAs time.

Automated maintenance can also offer an organisation an additional level of security and stability. With DBAs occupied with other important tasks, database tools can ensure that essential work is still completed and that your system is well maintained, meaning you’ll never have to worry about vital work being overlooked by busy staff.

Faster Deployment

Increasingly, many businesses are now making use of large and rapidly expanding numbers of servers and instances for their work. While this growth brings many advantages to businesses with additional storage and resource availability, larger systems can be harder for DBAs to manage.

Monitoring and management solutions that have been designed to work with large and varied systems can help in these cases, however. Capable of providing an overview and access to a very high number of instances at once, regardless of their platform or version, these tools can allow DBAs to apply changes to all instances across their business at once.

Being able to affect changes on all of your instances at once from within just one tool reduces the time it takes DBAs to complete maintenance and procedural changes, and also can help to reduce system downtime too. Long periods of downtime, or slowdowns caused by DBAs working on systems, can have a negative impact on customers and potentially cost you valuable business.

A Unified Approach

Not only do these tools dramatically reduce the amount of time needed to make changes across a large number of servers, but they can also provide a simple and unified overview of your entire system.

Making use of these solutions, DBAs can control, monitor and report on all instances in one place, regardless of software versions or platform, streamlining their processes and cutting down on the inefficient use of time and money. DBAs can edit databases, control user groups and security, and make all other changes that they need without having to load up a whole suite of tools – just one scalable tool can handle the entire system.

Using just one interface like this has the advantage of saving DBAs time by streamlining their maintenance and monitoring processes. With less time spent switching between tools, accessing different servers and completing routine tasks, DBAs can allocate their time to more pressing issues to help your business.


With the help of database tools designed specifically to help streamline and automate your database maintenance procedures, your DBAs can work more efficiently to save your business time and money.

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