Productivity By Automation


dbWatch was founded because DBAs wanted a better, more productive way to manage databases. The DBAs solved the problem by building tools to improve their productivity. Those original tools are the base of dbWatch today.

So much productivity is personal – a few early birds do their most effective work at 6 am, and others can’t think before 10:00 o’clock. While software tools don’t influence your sleep patterns, they do make daily routines faster and consistently productive. Here are some of our best tools that help our customers and our DBAs maintain productivity.

Automation: routine and maintenance tasks

Manual monitoring and running standard checks eats time and allows room for human error. Many DBAs use scripts to make monitoring easier and faster. But considerable time is spent creating,deploying and maintaining your own scripts.

The simplest time saving tool: automation. With automation tools, the software takes care of the daily routines with a few clicks. This includes preventative maintenance, nipping problems in the bud before they get started. Additionally, automation helps alleviate unplanned downtime, keeping users happy. (DBA Operations Refined)

At dbWatch, our DBAs find automation to be essential and simple. From the maintenance console; reports, backups and standard checks are scheduled to run automatically. Additionally, the maintenance console makes the reorganizing of indexes more efficient.

Remember that last time that someone added a server without informing you? Autoscan keeps an eye open of those pesky individuals who take initiative without telling DBAs. It continually scans for added servers and reports to you, so you’ll be able to label and account for them. Once labeled, our group, sort and tag functions, help you keep them organized.

Unified Systems

Part of doing a job effectively involves cutting down on the number of steps it takes to reach completion. Fixing problems with multiple platforms often involves signing into that platform. Granted, it’s only 30 seconds or less, but those seconds add up to wasted months and years. dbWatch unifies systems and workflows in a single platform, giving you a smooth flow from monitoring to managing and fixing issues.

The systems can be viewed and sorted together, by server names, types, platforms or your own labels. The resulting data is more meaningful, and it’s easier to identify the server you want to work with. Finally, it allows DBAs to work across platforms, with the software. If you are a SQL Server expert, you can easily take care of daily maintenance on other platforms. With a unified interface most operations are the same regardless of target platform.

Quick set up with bulk install

Finally, two small but time saving points.

Quick set-up (bulk install): When you deploy dbWatch, it only takes a spreadsheet of usernames and passwords for dbWatch to connect with your instances and immediately start to monitor them.

One License: Just like the one ring, ruling all others, one license can cover all your needs, keeping the management happy with lower costs.


Magic Productivity Solution is …

That there isn’t one solution. There are as many solutions as there are DBAs. We offer tools that our DBAs use in their daily routines which help them improve their productivity. Good luck with your own productivity. If you want to share a solution, just comment below.

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