Could a database dashboard improve your business’s strategic decisions?


In large businesses and organisations, it’s often vitally important that strategic decisions are made on up-to-date reliable information. Decisions made on the basis of poor information can lead to costly mistakes and problems further down the road.

In an IT and database setting, this means having access to a complete overview of your entire server farm, with the ability to monitor every one of your database andVM instances.

This sort of overview is what’s necessary for making the right decisions when it comes to resourcing and planning for the future. A high level of insight into your instances can help you to overcome or sidestep any problems.

In this article, we’ll take a look at how a ‘database dashboard’ could help your strategic decision making:

Information-Based Decision Making

Decision making as the manager of a high number of instances can be difficult without access to all the relevant information. Deciding what to do in regards to resource allocation, company-wide security changes, and other management processes can be extremely slow without instant access to the figures that you need.

Thankfully, tools exist that can provide DMs with a ‘database dashboard’– the means to see all relevant information in one place. These dashboards can provide all the information that a DM needs to make any decision without the need for lengthy reports and studies, saving both time and money.

Decisions made without access to this level of insight and information can be risky. For example, resourcing estimates can be wrong without an accurate readout of current usage and trends, leading to costly over or under-resourcing.

Complete Instance Control

Just as a database dashboard can give you all the information that you need to make decisions, they can also provide the total control that you need to effect changes across all of your instances from one place.

Database tools that work with all of your instances, regardless of their number or the platform they run on, allow you to quickly make global changes to your organisation’s server systems. Management and monitoring tools from dbWatch do just this, giving you the control you need to make informed changes across your entire business.

Whether you need to make the resourcing changes that we’ve already mentioned, or change roles and security measures, or perform routine maintenance, having a top-down view with total control makes most jobs quicker and easier, and thus cheaper too.

Preventing Future Issues

When it comes to cutting costs and saving your staff time and headaches, there are few more important things than reducing the risk of future issues or problems with your servers. Disasters that bring your server systems down, or cause data leaks, can have costly implications for your entire organisation too, so it’s important to keep the risk to a minimum.

A database dashboard provides the information necessary for DMs to identify issues before they become a problem, and to take appropriate action well in advance of any disaster.

Whether you need to make structural or resource changes, monitor performance over time or establish routine maintenance plans, a dashboard gives you the information that you need to make informed decisions and the power to make them from just one place.


The most important tool for any database manager is full control over their system – and a database dashboard provides both the complete overview and the deep insight necessary for that full control.

With database tools that provide you with the information you need quickly and all in one place, you’ll be best placed to make information-based strategic decisions for the benefit of your entire business.