AZURE database performance measured

Considering migrating your databases to Azure? A new report by our CTO Marek Jablonski has revealed some very surprising facts about the performance you can expect from an Azure database.

It turns out that all is not well in the cloud

One of the big advantages of using an Azure database is that you can put it in different geographical locations. This allows you to serve your customers in Asia using a database physically located in Asia, and your customers in Europe with a database located in Europe. This seems like a good idea, since network lag will be minimized.
We expect that when we pay for an Azure database with a certain performance, this performance will be about the same regardless of the physical location. It turns out that this is not the case at all. The tests indicate a staggering performance difference of up to 500% between locations.
We also expect performance to be stable over time. If the database is fast enough on Monday, we except it to be able to cope with the same load on Tuesday. This turns out not to be the case either. Measurements show that the response time for the same query on the database can vary with up to 700%! That is an enormous number, and in most production environments that kind of instability will be simply unacceptable.
You can find the full report on our azure database page and also download the dbWatch tools we used to perform the tests and measure performance. You can also find our complete guide to effective database management. Also check out SQL Monitoring – 5 steps to full control.