Monitoring SQL Server error logs

Posted by Admin on May 5, 2020 3:00:09 PM
As a data platform expert who manages and maintains hundreds or maybe thousands of database instances, you may be thinking of a better way in managing these number of servers more efficiently. An environment this huge with a lot of vital applications relying on those databases can be quite difficult to keep track of. Especially …

Assigning user roles in dbWatch

Posted by Admin on Apr 4, 2020 4:00:58 PM
As a busy database administrator managing and monitoring tens or hundreds of database instances, you are plenty busy enough as it is. While you’re busy with your daily routine, sometimes your manager or developers would ask for your assistance regarding the status of a certain database you’re in charged with. As they were experiencing slow running queries, blocking sessions or deadlocks within the staging environment.   Normally you would have to drop what you are doing in order to help them out, before you can resume with your …

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